Meet The Team

Troy Lee

Troy started out working in the film industry with the goal of becoming a DOP. He worked on Big budget movies like The Interpreter, Racing Stripes, Hotel Rawanda with actors like Nicole Kidman, Don Cheadle, Nick Nolte, Haden Panettiere and Bruce Greenwood. The hectic lifestyle and crazy hours took it’s toll and he moved away from film and started his journey in photography. He originally only shot fashion and advertising, he has his worked published in magazines, on billboards and other print media regularly. You can see more of his work here Troy started shooting weddings on the side as a new challenge in his photography career. “It was a real challenge becoming a good wedding photographer, there are so many elements to shooting a wedding and it all happens so fast, you really need to know your stuff to shoot a good wedding” he says. “I really love putting the whole story together at the end of the day, I just love how all the images work together to make one giant work of art”. Now weddings have become one of Troy’s specialities.

Sam Ekure

Sam grew up in the UK and is now living in South Africa. He is a talented up and coming photographer, passionate about his art. He has a great eye and really loves getting those arty abstract shots. He loves shooting events and portraiture, has a knack of capturing great moments and the real essence of a person.

He has wisdom beyond his years, a Big heart, one of the best people I know. He is destined for great things above and beyond just photography.

Laudi Lee

When Laudi is not helping out with the sales and marketing or on set, she works as a medical rep. They love working together as a team and Laudi’s input, love and support is vital to the business. “We have been married for a year now with 5 kids between the 2 of us, so our house hold can be quite hectic sometimes”. Laudi used to model and was a professional makeup artist, so being on set and helping out with shoots is like second nature to her.


Why we stand out from the rest

  • Creativity 95%

  • Opulence 94%

  • Style 98%

  • Cheese 5%

Why Use Us

100% Original

When the big day is over and you're back to your life, the only thing you will have left of your wedding are the memories. You want memories that are special and your own, we pride our selves in knowing that our photography is not like all the rest. We get all the important stuff and so much more. You want images you can be proud to hang on your wall like works of art, images that won't be dated in a few years. We work hard your whole wedding truly capturing the essence of your wedding day. Troy brings all his fashion experience and style to the wedding making it unique and truly breathtaking.


Engagement shoots

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Photo booth

A great way to keep your guests entertained and get some fun shots of everyone.

Photo Books

We have some amazing high quality photo books, to keep your memories in.